We may be square in the middle of winter, but cold temperatures make the luxuries inside that much more important. In fact, the warmth of your home may make you crave an ice cold drink just like rising temps in the summer do. 

So what’s a guy or gal to do when they’re in need of an ice cold cocktail or refreshing glass of soda that’s going to stay cold and not get watered down? Well, you could use your insulated travel mug, but that seems a little excessive when you’re just traveling to the living room. 

No, this is definitely the time for the Ultimate Luxury of the Scotsman Cuber. 

Now we know whiskey and scotch elites say “no ice”, but for those of you that prefer it on the rocks, the Scotsman Cuber provides cubes that will chill your drink without diluting the experience.

Unlike smaller, softer types of ice (see our post on Sonic Ice), the larger cubes from the Scotsman Cuber won’t absorb or dilute the flavor of your drink. These cubes are clear and odorless, allowing you to experience the taste of your chosen beverage and nothing more. They’re bigger, too so your beverage will stay cold no matter how long it takes you to finish it. 

These cubes are perfect for cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks and the best part of it all is—Scotsman Cubers can be fully integrated into your kitchen. They fit under the counter and blend in with any design. 

Scotsman Cubers are available in three different models. Give us a call today to learn more about each and find out how you can install a Scotsman ice machine in your kitchen.