“Dude! That’s Sonic Ice!”

It’s Matthew McConaughey’s favorite ice. In fact, in 2008 he detailed to Texas Monthly writer John Spong his search for a machine that makes the same style of ice that’s served at fast food chain Sonic. Eventually, he found it—the Scotsman Brilliance Ice Nugget Ice Machine. Fortunately for you, your search for the perfect “Sonic ice” is much easier. You can get your very own machine—the same machine employed commercially by Sonic Drive Ins—for your kitchen from us here at Kitchens Inc. Check out the video for more about this amazing machine.

“He had the coolest house on the block and a view of half of California, all he cared about was his ice maker.”

John Spong

 What’s the big deal with “Sonic Ice” anyway?

It’s soft, chewable, and porous enough that you get a little bit of your drink infused in each piece of ice. What’s more, these soft, compact nuggets of ice are fun to crunch and have the added bonus of being functional—nugget ice cools beverages quickly. It’s perfect for soft or blended drinks, smoothies, food displays and everyday uses.

The Scotsman Nugget Ice Machine is the perfect Christmas gift for the Sonic Ice lover in your family. Not only can you purchase the machines from us here at Kitchens, Inc., we’ll help you find the right place in the kitchen for it and do the install for you. Give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms in Dodge City or Manhattan to put Sonic Ice under the tree this year.

You’ll have the whole family saying “alright, alright, alright.”