The local Boot Hill Museum currently went under a $6 million expansion project.  Not only does this expansion increase the size of Boot Hill, it provides more visible entrance for visitors and features changing and traveling exhibits.  

Kitchens Inc., does many commercial jobs in southwest Kansas, a lot of which are out of town.  Commercial cabinets at schools, hospitals, and retail stores may have been produced by Kitchens, but many people are unaware of this aspect of the business.  So when Kitchens Inc. won the bid for the Boot Hill Museum, they were excited.  It gave Kitchens the ability to produce something that will be seen and used locally.    

The walnut cabinets and trim seen throughout the gift shop, the cabinets in the employee workstation, and the bathroom vanities, were provided by Kitchens Inc.  The walnut cabinets gave Kitchens’ a new challenge, since most of their projects are done in laminate.  As seen by the pictures below, the challenge was definitely worth it and rewarding. 


Kitchens Inc. Takes Part in Boot Hill Museum Addition

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The project touched all aspects of the Kitchens Inc. production team.  Starting with the estimator winning the bid in early 2019.  Throughout the project the project manager coordinated the schedule and job site conditions, while the construction engineer prepared information for the production floor.  Once the project hit the production floor, all hands were on deck, from building the cabinets, fabricating the countertops, and time consuming details which were preformed by one of Kitchens Inc craftsman.  

If you are out and about in Dodge City, take the time to stop at the newly renovated Boot Hill Museum. And while you are enjoying the history of the old west, stop and appreciate the handwork and talent that goes on behind the scenes to create an impressive tourist’s attraction