Come for the food, stay for the ambiance

In a world where we’re putting a high emphasis on home cooking and nutrition, the restaurant business is putting more emphasis on their dine-in experience and restaurant design. Even when people are going to restaurants, more and more consumers opt to take food home and enjoy it in their own kitchen. Custom cabinetry and casework can help the casual dining restaurant business design a sit-down restaurant experience that will make people leave the comfort of their home.

Architectural casework for the restaurant industry

Customize your restaurant with hardwood fixtures for a better dining experience and a more efficient restaurant.
Photo: Old Chicago Pizza and Tap Room, Dodge City, KS

Elevate the dining experience

At Kitchens Inc., we start each design project with a clean slate by visiting your restaurant. To create a great dining experience for your clients, you have to consider the overall experience of your diners. You need to give them an “at home” experience while dining out. Creating a dining area that feels like a home is becoming increasingly popular in the restaurant business.

Make sure that the design and ambiance are in line with design trends for the contemporary home with wooden cabinetry and casework, neutral colors, and bringing in as much light as possible to keep the dining area vibrant and inviting. Much like the home kitchen, you want your restaurant to be clean, fresh, and comfortable.

Functional restaurant design

Of course, with the heavy foot traffic from both customers and servers, you’ll need to be smart about your use of space and the overall layout of the restaurant. Be sure to create circulation so that people aren’t feeling claustrophobic, or you create a traffic jam. If your wait staff and clients can’t move about comfortably, you’re not only going to make your diners feel uncomfortable, but you’re going to end up with a lot of broken dishes from people bumping into each other.

Open-plan restaurant

There’s a saying that your customers don’t want to know how the sausage got made, but today, your clients put a lot of importance on transparency. Transparency in a restaurant has made the open-plan dining experience more popular, where the kitchen is in plain view of your diners. Making the food where your guests can see how you handle the food builds trust. Trust will keep your guests coming back.

Custom architectural casework for the restaurant industry

Handcrafted wooden cabinets and built-ins will make your restaurant more inviting to your guests.
Photo: Old Chicago Pizza and Tap Room, Dodge City, KS

You need a professional design expert to help you design a kitchen that is functional and appealing so that you can work, but you aren’t detracting from the aesthetic and decor of the rest of the dining area.

When you dining guests are watching, you need to have a place for everything so that your kitchen always looks clean, neat, and organized. Customizing your restaurant kitchen and dining area, coordinating the design and the architecture makes it a comforting and refreshing dining experience for your guests. At the same time, designing everything to fit your needs will help you run a smooth and efficient restaurant. Win-win.

Customize your restaurant for a great dine-in experience

We can customize your restaurant, making cabinetry, casework, furniture, and countertops that have the feel of a home with a beautiful handcrafted touch but also have the functionality that a commercial kitchen requires.

Custom cabinetry and architectural casework

Kitchens Inc. has been building custom cabinets for all industries, including the restaurant industry, for over 35 years. We’ve been bringing homes and commercial spaces to life, building our own custom cabinets, as well as offering top brands of cabinets.