We recently did a complete commercial remodel for the Sacred Heart Education Center, custom designing casework for the offices, common spaces, as well as design an industrial kitchen. Although commercial design needs to be tough and durable, we still make sure to add personal and homey touches. You want to feel at home even when you’re in the office, so our custom casework and kitchen design will make your commercial space functional as well as warm and welcoming.

Custom cabinetry for offices

Modern white slab panel custom cabinetry.

Commercial Kitchen and Office Design

When we set out to design a commercial kitchen, we need to understand all of your needs and every function the kitchen and surrounding office space will serve.

Will your kitchen need to function as a cafeteria, preparing and serving large meals for teachers, administrative personnel, as well as students? How many people will be occupying the kitchen at once? How many appliances will your kitchen need to house?

And, all the specific details that will help us design the best kitchen to fit all of your needs.

Commercial Kitchen Materials

For this commercial kitchen remodel, we decided that we needed a lot of counter space, as well as big kitchen sinks to clean up after large meals. We also chose to go with modern stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Not only are they very trendy and cool, but stainless steel is also very durable in a commercial kitchen. They can hold up to many people coming and going, opening and closing cabinets all day long. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Commercial kitchen remodel

Stone countertops on a large kitchen island and industrial size kitchen sinks.

The kitchen countertops are also made of solid stone, which is tough, durable, heat resistant, and very easy to maintain. Perfect for a commercial kitchen.

Custom Cabinetry

For a few of the office spaces, we chose to go with a modern white color for the custom cabinets. They are bright and sleek, with slab panel cabinets for clean lines and a contemporary effect. The white will add light and make the small office space feel bigger and brighter.

Little Custom Details

To make the center feel more like home, we added custom designed coat hangers and racks. To bring in a touch of home, we used a natural, reddish stained wood. Wood will add a little warmth to the stainless steel kitchen cabinets and the modern white office design.

Custom commercial remodel

Beautiful woodwork by our craftsmen.

Custom Commercial Kitchen Remodels in Kansas

If you have a commercial space that you need to remodel, talk to the designers at Kitchens Inc. in Dodge City. Custom casework and custom kitchen design ensure that you get more for your budget because it is designed and built specifically for you. Plus, you get the quality craftsmanship and the durability of handcrafted work. Get a quote and let’s get started.