For too long, base cabinets in the kitchen have been wasting precious space. In today’s kitchen, custom cabinets are helping to make the kitchen more efficient, taking care to utilize all the space you have to create the perfect space for cooking, entertaining, and living. Instead of the classic base cabinets with shelves, homeowners are getting wise to the efficiency and convenience of drawers or pull-out shelving.

Drawers in the kitchen

Deep drawers will maximize space and make organizing your kitchen much more effective.

Base cabinets take up too much space

Historically, base cabinets have been underutilizing the space, creating chaos and hard-to-reach kitchen items, not to mention back pain from bending over and reaching for that bowl you know is hiding somewhere in the back corner. In an effort to maximize the space in your kitchen, and to make every item much more easily accessible, talk to your cabinets designer about customizing pull-out shelves or deep drawers, and saying goodbye to the traditional lower cabinets of the past.

Drawers are a better use of space

Deep drawers are the perfect way to maximize the space and create an organized kitchen. Because drawers are pulled out, you’ll never have to go digging for something in the back of a cabinet. Plus, how many times have you had to pull out items that are stored in the front of a lower cabinet to get to the stuff in the back? It’s a waste of time and space.

Pull-out shelves are an effective alternative to base cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets

Drawers make it so much easier to reach items stored in the back!

If you prefer the look of a cabinet door for your base cabinets to match your upper cabinets, think about designing the shelves to be pull-out shelves instead of stationary. That way, you will be able to access the stuff in the back. The best cabinets or storage space in your kitchen should make everything easier to get to, not harder.

Custom cabinets and drawers

At Kitchens Inc., we can customize your kitchen cabinets, designing drawers and shelving that will make your kitchen much more efficient and functional. Customizing the cabinetry is the best way to maximize the space and improve the flow of your kitchen. Plus, you can customize the size and depth of your drawers to perfectly fit any item.

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