A dated kitchen that was remodeled, and transformed into a studding masterpiece

You’ve planned and saved, and now the time is right to start the kitchen remodeling project you’ve always dreamed of but where do you start.  You might think you’re ready to tackle the project on your own but take a step back for a moment. If this is your first major remodeling project, read on for some important factors to consider before jumping into your big project.







Step 1: Set Up a Budget



Setting up a strict budget is vital to planning a successful remodeling project. Having a firm number in mind on what you can spend will help narrow your design choices, weeding out design options you can’t afford and keeping you focused on items that fit your budget.







Step 2: Look at Your Calendar



You might think it doesn’t matter when you start your kitchen remodeling project but consider this: If your family usually hosts the big Thanksgiving or Christmas get-together, you’ll want to avoid the holidays as a time to be without a functioning kitchen. Block out at least two months for your project with a little wiggle room if you have an event planned. Additionally, remodeling during the summer lets you easily access your outdoor grill to offset the inconvenience of being without your cooktop and oven.







Step 3: Have access to a Mini Kitchen



To lessen to hassle of being without a functioning kitchen, set up a temporary mini-kitchen to help. Set up a small area with a microwave, plastic plates and utensils, and access to running water. You can move your refrigerator to this area or use a mini-fridge if you have one. Talk to your family about planning meals that don’t require a cooktop. Again, take advantage of your outdoor grill and eat at your picnic table.







Step 4: Flooring and Paint



Make sure before you lay out your cabinets that you have the flooring and the paint completed.  It is a lot easier to set cabinets ontop of flooring and on painted walls, instead of cutting your floor around cabinets and having to tape off the cabinets to paint. 







Step 5: Contact Professionals



As you can see, there are many things to learn and plan for when remodeling your kitchen. Let the professionals of Kitchens Inc.  take the stress and uncertainty out of your dream project. We employ a highly skilled team of designers and craftsmen who will walk you through the entire remodeling process from planning to completion.