If you’re considering an all-white kitchen for your remodel—or maybe you already have one—you’re not alone. Bright, white kitchens are very popular right now. The brightness of white makes your kitchen feel clean and happy, but if you’re on the fence about committing to all-white because it may yellow with time, we’ve compiled a couple of maintenance tips to keep your kitchen shining.Custom kitchen cabinets

Why does a white kitchen turn yellow?

Sunlight helps make a room feel alive and vibrant, so we always try to maximize sunlight when we design rooms. Unfortunately, even though sunlight helps both our mood and physical health, it’s not great for your custom white cabinets. In addition, your cooking can contribute to the yellowing of your bright, white kitchen.

Sunscreen for your cabinets

Just because sunlight can cause your cabinets to yellow doesn’t mean you want to block it all out. No one wants a dark and dreary kitchen. But in order to protect your custom white cabinets from sun damage, you will want to block out some direct sunlight. To do this, consider light, sheer window treatments. They’ll still allow the light in, but shield your cabinets from the harmful direct rays.

Protecting your cabinets from cooking

Keep white kitchen whiteWhen you cook, no matter how appetizing the aroma may be, it’s ultimately adding a layer of grime to your kitchen cabinets. This layer is a big contributor to the yellowing of your cabinets. To mitigate this damage and protect your white cabinets, be sure to wipe down all of your kitchen surfaces—including your cabinets—after cooking. We recommend using a solution of white vinegar and water to do this.

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