Renovating your home is exciting. But deciding what to do first can be a bit of a conundrum. Should you paint first, install the cabinets, or do the floors? There are pros and cons to each option so that you can renovate your home in the right order.

Where to start when renovating

Custom kitchen cabinets

Lay your floors before installing custom kitchen cabinets.

There are a few factors that go into what you do first when renovating your home. Of course, the availability of your contractors is important. There are a few things that should happen before other things. Renovating your kitchen in the right order can save time, and prevent all of your new products from getting scratched and damaged while other things are installed.

Painting before cabinets

You should do the painting before you start hanging your custom cabinets and shelving. Painting will take less time and effort if the walls are bare. If you install cabinets, countertops, and shelving before you paint, it’s going to be much more of a hassle to paint properly. And you risk getting paint splatters all over your new cabinets.

Painting before floors

Installing your new floors first will only increase the chances of them getting scratched and worn while the workers are installing the rest of your kitchen. Plus there’s the risk of paint splatters. Although, there is also a chance that the dust and floor installation will cause a bit of damage to your freshly painted walls.  Having to fix a few paint imperfections is easier than fixing scratches in the coating of your new floors.

Floors before cabinets

Remodel your home in the right order

Paint before installing custom kitchen cabinets.

If you install your floors before you install the base cabinets you won’t have to cut around the cabinets. Just like it’s easier to paint a clean wall, it’s also easier to install floors without cabinets creating odd shapes to the room. Plus if you put the cabinets in before the floors, you’ll have a harder time changing your cabinets in the future. Custom cabinets are designed to make life simpler and efficient for you, so as your life and your needs change over time, you want the option to update and customize new cabinets. Wait to install your custom cabinets until you have painted and installed the floors.

Custom kitchen cabinets in Kansas

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