Warning, this blog contains math!

The kitchen work triangle

Great kitchen design begins with working out the kitchen work triangle.

We know math isn’t what you were hoping for when you set out to remodel your kitchen. You wanted to look through architectural digest and interior design blogs. You wanted to look at swatches and visit kitchen design showrooms. You did not want to go back to high school geometry. But before you begin any kitchen remodel, you need to figure out your kitchen work triangle, and for that you’ll need to do a little math. Of course you can do what you did in high school, which is to copy off of a smarter kid. In the case of a kitchen remodel, let the experts at Kitchens Inc. work out the kitchen work triangle for you.

The Kitchen Work Triangle

No matter your aesthetic preferences you have to take a few practicalities into consideration before you remodel your kitchen. How your kitchen functions will determine the effectiveness of the design. And  designing a functional kitchen begins with working out the right distance between your sink, refrigerator, and stove. These three essential kitchen items are the most used in the kitchen, and their relation to each other. Working out your work triangle will create a smooth flow, and make your kitchen comfortable to work in.

Spacing Your Kitchen Work Triangle

Spacing your kitchen work triangle.

The kitchen work triangle should measure about 27 lineal feet.

There are many different triangles and they all work perfectly well in your kitchen. Your kitchen work triangle doesn’t have to be a right triangle or an equilateral triangle. It can be an isosceles, scalene, or obtuse. The most important aspect of the work triangle is the distance between each item. We always recommend that the entire triangle, no matter the shape, should equal roughly 27 linear feet. How you break that up is up to you, the space and your kitchen design expert.

Custom Kitchen Design

Once we’ve worked out the best kitchen work triangle, it’s time to start making all the fun aesthetic decisions, like choosing the right countertop, and custom designing cabinets. Of course every design decision should have equal parts function and equal parts fashion. A good balance of both is the key to great kitchen design.

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