When it comes to your home, you want the absolute best. And, you want everything to reflect your lifestyle. When you buy ready-to-install cabinets, they are built with standard measurements and standard function. But, your home is anything but standard. That’s why you need high-quality handcrafted custom cabinets.

Build Cabinets for Your Home

Custom kitchen design in Kansas

Build cabinets that perfectly hide your kitchen appliances.

When we start any project, whether it’s a full kitchen remodel or a home remodel, we begin by measuring every room. In the custom cabinet business, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Every home is unique, and every customer is different. We have to start at the beginning every time to make sure we fully understand what we’re working with. Once we know the measurements of the room and the desire and vision of our customers, then we can begin to design and build the perfect custom cabinets.

Functional and beautiful

When you buy custom and handcrafted you can put your unique touches on every piece. You can choose the style and the design, as well as, the type of wood and color for each cabinet. But, beyond the aesthetics, you can design each cabinet to suit a specific function. You can build cabinets that perfectly house kitchen appliances, so they don’t take up space on the counters and clutter your kitchen. You can build cabinets or shelves that are perfect for those odd shaped items that you have in the kitchen.

Make better use of space

Why custom cabinets are best

Design cabinets that are suited for the shape and size of each room.

Customizing cabinetry means that you can make great use of the space available. You won’t have a few inches of empty space between cabinets and walls because your store-bought cabinets didn’t quite fit your kitchen. You can build cabinetry that is perfectly fitted to your kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining room, etc.

Custom cabinets create cohesion

Customizing your cabinets throughout the home creates cohesion. Even if you design one room at a time, when you go back to add cabinets to more rooms in the home, our guys will be able to match the other custom cabinets.

Custom Cabinets in Dodge City

Talk to us about creating custom cabinets for your home. Visit our showroom in Manhattan or Dodge City, Kansas, to talk to a craftsperson about your specific needs.