Happy New Year!

Now that we’ve started another year, it’s time to take stock and see what improvements we need to make in 2018. Most of us could probably stand to lose a few pounds, but that’s not really our area of expertise. When it comes to home improvements, that’s where we can help you shine, especially in the kitchen. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, it’s important to always make sure that this area is living up to your standards. That means incorporating both function, fashion, and that homey feeling.

2018 kitchen trends

Put personal touches on custom cabinets.

2018 Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is a multifunctional room. It should be conducive to both entertaining, cooking, working, and playing. That means that the design of your kitchen is more important than ever so that you can make proper use of every inch of space. The biggest 2018 kitchen trends are keeping it warm, light, functional, and playful. And, we’re always looking for ways to modernize the cozy country style kitchen.

Modern country style kitchen

A country style kitchen should be warm and cozy. And, it should have a bit of an eclectic feel. Custom cabinets with some personal detailing is a great way to add personality to a kitchen. Plus, custom cabinets allows you to design cabinets that help you utilize space and create a lot of storage.

Hide appliances and use open shelving

2018 kitchen trends

Modernize your country style kitchen with custom cabinets.

Customizing cabinets can help you hide all of the modern day appliances that every kitchen has. Because we’re also looking to create an airy and spacious feeling in the kitchen, many are going for bottom cabinets only, and then using open shelving instead of top cabinets. Mixing and matching cabinets and shelving will add texture and layers to the kitchen for a more interesting look.

Keep it warm and light

You have to be careful with a country kitchen not to make everything too dark. Keep your cabinets light, and then warm up your kitchen with copper or gold accents, or maybe even some dark wood floors.

Custom Kitchen Design

For beautifully handcrafted custom kitchen cabinets and design, talk to Kitchens Inc. in Manhattan or Dodge City, Kansas.