At some point, everyone finds themselves on a road trip. Whether it’s grabbing a bunch of friends and traveling the infamous Highway 66 from coast to coast, driving home for the holidays, or moving to another state, county, or town, road trips are a part of the American fabric. With every road trip comes the many many stops at truck stops, gas stations, and highway convenience stores. And, just like truck drivers keep open lines of communication when they travel, fellow road trippers also communicate with each other. They’ll talk about the worst places they had to stop, but they’ll also spread the word on great little locations along the way that are clean, convenient, and welcoming. If you run a gas station and convenience store, and want to make a great impression on travelers both local and visitors, then think about remodeling your convenience store to be inviting and clean to get some positive word of mouth.

Custom renovations

Remodel your convenience store with custom casework for a better shopping experience.

Make a great first impression

We’ve all had to stop at a worn down dirty truck stop because we just couldn’t hold it anymore, or we needed to restock the snacks in the car. What you often hear about are the scary pit-stops, but if you have a place that is clean, warm, bright, and friendly, the word of mouth will spread quickly. Investing in custom renovations to your convenience store is a great way to get positive  word of mouth, and maybe attract a few more road warriors and travelers that pass by on a daily basis. But, a great convenience store design is about more than just finding new shelving and a new countertop. The layout of your store goes a long way to make that lasting impression on your customers. And, it may even help you sell a few more items.

Open space concept

One of the main design aspects of a convenience store is an open concept. Clutter won’t be inviting to your customers and they’ll try to make a quick exit. Opening up your store, making sure that there is a nice flow from section to section,  will make it much more comfortable for your customers. Creating a natural directional flow will also help guide your customers to every section, increasing the chances that they’ll buy more before leaving. Make sure you aren’t blocking the view of the store by having shelving that is too high and cutting off the circulation in the shop.

Custom casework and cabinetry in Kansas

Give your store personality and make it more attractive with custom casework and cabinetry.

Direct your customers with the layout

Allow the layout of your store to guide your customers naturally around the store. Make sure you have nice simple displays that will attract the eye. You can also use the colors of your products to create a nice mood. Candy is usually bright, colorful and happy, so are flowers. If you can greet your customers with a nice display of happy, they’ll immediately be drawn further into your shop. From there, make sure you take them around from section to section. There should be a purpose to the way you design your convenience store, always leading your customers to a new section that leads to something else.

Clean and simple design

One thing that will turn off a customer is if the shop feels dirty or unorganized. Investing in quality casework, shelving, cabinetry, and countertops will make your store feel more luxurious and clean. Proper storage and shelving will also help you organize and hide boxes and cables that will only lead to a feeling of clutter. The more organized your store, the better your customers will feel while shopping.

Designing a convenience store

Custom casework will help you get organized and hide boxes and wires for a clean and simple environment.

Custom casework and cabinetry for convenience stores

At Kitchens Inc., we just helped U Pump It remodel their entire convenience store. We added beautiful custom casework to help organize their products and create a better flow and ambiance. We’ve customized the shelving and casework to meet the specific needs of this convenience store, making the space both efficient, as well as much warmer and welcoming.

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