Nothing says “commercial kitchen” like stainless steel countertops. It’s no wonder, stainless steel is durable and easy to maintain. For a commercial kitchen, those are important features, but they don’t exactly make for an exciting kitchen design. What many don’t realize is that you can easily personalize stainless steel countertops and make your commercial kitchen a little less industrial looking.

Stainless steel countertops

You can manipulate stainless steel to give it patterns and texture.

Personalizing stainless steel countertop

A stainless steel countertop doesn’t have to be smooth and shiny. There are many ways that you can manipulate stainless steel to give it an attractive design pattern. Simply breaking up the smooth surface area and giving it a little texture will add some personality to a commercial kitchen. For those that have to work your kitchen every day, it will help make their workspace more fun and interesting, instead of feeling like they are working in a stark and sterile kitchen. Cooking great food takes passion, so why not give your chefs a little creative inspiration by personalizing your stainless steel countertops and making them more interesting to look at?

Designs in stainless steel countertops

Depending on the manufacturer, you can choose from many different designs. Designs can change the texture and the color of the cool gray countertops. You can also have a specific design etched into stainless steel countertops to make them more personal to your aesthetic and your brand. Having a unique stainless steel countertop will add to the design aesthetic of the entire kitchen. You can take a cold, sterile surface and make it warm and rich.

Sleek stainless steel countertop

Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen

Embrace the classic stainless steel look throughout your commercial kitchen for beauty and function.

Of course, there’s also some appeal to the classic smooth, sleek, stainless steel countertop. As long as you break it up with some warmer design elements in the rest of the commercial kitchen. Mixing warm and cool elements will help create a nice balance between function and fashion.

Classic stainless steel commercial kitchen

You can also embrace the simplicity and functionality of stainless steel in a commercial kitchen by customizing stainless steel cabinets. You can customize a commercial kitchen with stainless steel from the appliances to the countertops to the cabinets. Yes, everything including the kitchen sink can be designed using stainless steel.

Custom commercial kitchen design

If we can draw it, we can design it, using the best materials for your aesthetic. But, first and foremost, a commercial kitchen needs to be functional, practical, durable, and easy to clean. Keep your stainless steel kitchen simple, or personalize it for a more designer feel. Either way, talk to us at Kitchens Inc., and we’ll help you make the right choices for your commercial kitchen.