When you have a business that involves the public, like a mall, a bank, a gas station, a hotel, or a water park, you need to think about designing your space to promote a good flow. And, we’re not just talking about a psychological flow that makes people feel comfortable, but a good physical flow that helps direct and control the crowds.

Designing your space so it both looks visually attractive as well as create great flow, will increase business and improve your customer’s experience.

How to design a commercial space

Place check-out stations where they are visible, but not in the way of customer traffic.

Custom Design to Create Good Flow

The first thing you need to do is look at the floor plan of your space. From the moment your customers walk through the doors, you want them to feel welcome and given the best experience possible.

Part of that experience is designing elements that are in line with your brand and your messaging. Everything from color to style will help create the right atmosphere.

But, one major aspect of a great interior design is being able to direct the flow of customers so that they move smoothly around the place without creating chaos or overly crowding one area.

Check-Out Stations

Where you locate your check-in, check-out, order here, or pay here stations is going to have a huge impact on the flow of traffic. Make sure you place them in a convenient space with plenty of room so that people waiting in line aren’t blocking the flow of traffic to other areas.

If your space is big enough, placing the checkout station in the middle of the room will make it both visible from all angles, and give customers plenty of room.

Directing Foot Traffic

You want to make it easy for your customers to move about, always making sure that major points of interest are visible and easily accessible, like the checkout counter, or the cashier. Of course, you also want to make sure that your products are neatly displayed so that customers can get to them.

And, in the case of larger areas, like malls or amusement parks, you have to control the crowd and direct foot traffic with your design to avoid accidents and keep the crowd flowing, so to speak.

Create a better customer experience with good design

Custom design workspaces so that they are attractive to customers and improve the overall aesthetic.
Photo: Parrot Bay Commercial Remodel Project

Enhance Customer Experience with Custom Design

We recently helped Parrot Island Water Park design their Parrot Bay and Parrot Cove areas. We took everything into consideration in our design, from materials and colors to style; and, of course, how to create the best flow for a great customer experience.

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