Did you know that travelers have an ongoing rating system for gas station bathrooms across the nation? When you spend your life on the road, or you are on a road trip across the country, gas station bathrooms are unavoidable. And, we’ve all heard the horror stories or witnessed them first hand.

But, when people stumble across a roadside or gas station bathroom that is clean and functional, it’s worth talking about. If you run a gas station, it is a worthwhile investment to renovate your bathroom and get yourself on the highest rated gas station bathroom list.

Renovating a gas station bathroom

Use high-quality materials to make your gas station bathroom worthy of a pit stop.

Renovating a Gas Station Bathroom

When you stop off at a gas station to use the bathroom most people are looking for a place that is clean. But, you can elevate your bathroom to make it a downright awesome experience. With a few renovations to the layout, the countertops, and the sink, you can make your gas station bathroom a destination, not a random pit stop. Because if you have a clean, functional, and attractive bathroom people will share it with fellow travelers.

Keep It Simple and Clean

You don’t have to get too fancy with your gas station bathroom design. In fact, keeping it clean and simple will make a great impression. A natural stone countertop will make your bathroom feel more luxurious and inviting. Plus, the natural stone material is both durable and easy to maintain. So, make sure that you keep the design clean and simple, but use materials that are durable and attractive.

Gas Station Bathroom Design in Kansas

Keep your bathroom design clean and minimalistic for a better ambiance.

Custom Bathroom Design

Organization in the bathroom is critical, so a few custom cabinets to store extra rolls of toilet paper, soap, hand towels, and cleaning products are key to a great gas station bathroom concept. You want to hide as much of your bathroom stock out of sight to make the place feel clean.

Cleanliness is the number one thing that people will notice about your bathroom. If it doesn’t feel clean, your customers may also think that the rest of your shop isn’t decent, and they’ll be less likely to do a little convenience store shopping afterward.

Attractive Bathroom Design

A clean bathroom will make a great first impression, and if you can draw them out of there and into your cleverly designed convenience store, then you can turn an excellent bathroom experience into a great shopping experience.

Once your customers have used it, they’ll be ready to stock up on more drinks and snacks for the rest of the trip, so you want to make sure that your bathroom doesn’t scare them away.

Custom countertops in Kansas

Use similar materials from your bathroom in the rest of your interior design to make everything cohesive.

Custom Cabinetry and Casework in Kansas

Kitchens Inc. will design, build, and install custom cabinetry, casework, and countertops for your gas station bathroom, as well as your gas station convenience store. Make a great impression on your clients with a clean and attractive bathroom, and then continue that design to the rest of your shop for an all-around great customer experience.

For a quote on custom design, casework, and cabinetry, write to Kitchens Inc. in Kansas.