We begin every project with an open mind and clean slate. When we work with our clients to design a commercial kitchen, reception area, or a complete office remodel, we start by visiting the site and talking to our customers about their business because we want our work to be personal, functional, and in line with your company’s brand.

For many businesses, the reception area is their chance to make a great first impression.

Design bank reception area

Create little unique and functional touches to make your reception area functional and welcoming.
Photo: Western State Bank

Customizing Our Office Space

Custom furniture and casework is the best way to make great use of the space that you have. You can also personalize your furniture, like having your logo inlay in the reception desk or the conference room tables. We can also work with odd-shaped rooms or smaller spaces and make great use of the available area.

If you are looking to remodel your office, commercial space, or just a few rooms, customizing will save you time, money and give you a commercial space that is perfectly designed to fit your needs.

Reception Area

If we can draw it, we can create it. You will see our work in the most beautiful reception spaces throughout Dodge City and the whole of Kansas.

We work within your budget to find the best materials and the best solutions for making the reception area in the style that you want, as well as making it functional.

Custom bank reception desk

Custom designed bank teller reception desk for Western State Bank in Kansas.

Different Reception Desks

A front desk area will vary depending on the type of business that you have. If you are in the hospitality industry, you want your reception area to be warm and welcoming, offering comfortable seating and lounge areas for your guests. The reception desk also needs to be prominently featured and be easy for guests, as well as delivery people, to come to the desk with luggage and packages.

Custom casework for commercial spaces

Match the wood in your casework to the wood around your office door frames for a cohesive design.

Bank Reception Area

If you are designing a reception area for a bank, you will need a much bigger “reception desk,” with various little booths for the bank tellers. You’ll also need to plan for the tellers to be located along the longest wall to make space for as many of them to provide better service, and you’ll need to have an organized space for customers to wait in line. There should also be

There should also be special sections for people to sit with a bank representative and open accounts or handle other banking business.

Customizing Casework

By customizing your casework throughout the reception area, you can create a cohesive look that makes the whole area feel welcoming, comfortable, and easy.

You don’t want a reception that is cluttered or messy. You want to try to use the same materials in all of the furniture to create consistency. Talk to us about your commercial reception area and get a quote.