Your reception area is the first chance you get to make a great impression on clients. When you are designing a reception area you have to consider the layout carefully, making it look good, feel good, and most importantly, making it practical. Everyone who visits your place of business will pass through the reception area, so you need to plan carefully so that your reception layout hits all the requirements for a great reception area.

Custom radiuses reception desk

Custom radiuses reception desk.

Impressive reception area

A reception area is more than just a waiting area for clients that show up for meetings. A reception area is also the place where all packages and deliveries will end up. Not only do you want the reception area to impress clients, but any potential employee will get their first impression of your company as they step into your reception area. So, you need to make sure that it is comfortable, interesting, and cool enough to impress everyone who enters.

The reception desk should be front and center

The first thing you need is to make sure that your reception desk is front and center. You don’t want your reception desk to be tucked away so that whoever comes in has to look around to find it. You want people to enter your reception area and walk straight to the desk to announce their arrival, drop off deliveries, or ask questions. Furthermore, the receptionist should be able to see people entering as soon as they step through the door. That way, they can greet everyone, giving a warm welcome and helping to add to the friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Company logo inlay in the reception desk

Having your company logo prominently featured, either hanging behind the reception desk on the wall or a custom logo inlay in the reception desk, looks great and gives off a professional vibe. It also lets first-timers know that they are in the right place. Plus, it helps to promote your business. With the logo in a prominent place, you are ensuring that anyone who stops by – whether a client, employee, or delivery person – will recognize your logo wherever they go, improving brand recognition.

Design a reception area to impress

Your reception area should have a comfortable seating and waiting area.

Comfortable reception area

Once you have the reception desk properly placed, you need to create a comfortable waiting area. Make your reception area feel like home by creating a tiny living room in your reception area. Make sure that it isn’t too busy, and that you keep it clean and tidy. A messy reception area will give a bad impression. A simple, clean design is great for a reception area.

Custom reception desk and logo design

We specialize in custom architectural casework. We’ll help you design a reception area that is comfortable, practical, and welcoming. We can also design radiused reception desks for a more interesting design to give your reception area some personality, and inlay your company logo for a beautiful custom designed reception desk.