Interior commercial design

Original office design

The biggest trend in modern office design is to have the office reflect the corporate culture. The office design should have personality and character. It should be a reflection of the types of people and personalities that you have working for you – or the types of people that you are hoping to attract. Since the younger generations are also shunning the typical hierarchy of the old days and looking for a more collaborative atmosphere, you no longer want to simply divide up your office space into a bunch of impersonal cubicles. The open office space is much more inviting and more conducive to teamwork.

Business casual

The suit and tie is a thing of the past. Just like business attire has gotten a lot more casual, so has interior office design. You want to be comfortable in your workspace. The office should feel warm and casual, allowing people to be able to express themselves and be true to who they are. When the office atmosphere is relaxed, it will increase efficiency, productivity, and creativity. If you make the office too stiff and formal, you will stifle your employees.

Multi-purpose design

Custom office interior designInterior office design wants to be multi-functional, efficient, smart, comfortable, casual, unique, and business friendly. To incorporate all these trends into one amazing office space, you need to work with custom furniture and casework designers. If you want to have it all, you can’t buy off the rack, so to speak.

Custom office design in Kansas

If you’re looking to remodel or design a new office space to meet the high demands of a modern business, talk to Kitchens Inc. We can custom design and manufacture your entire office to meet all of your demands.

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