Every space, whether it’s in a commercial setting or a private home, has unique requirements. When you are designing a space, the first step is to find out exactly how you are going to use that space. From there, we can custom design cabinets, casework, furniture, and countertops to meet every requirement. Remodeling a space isn’t cheap, but if you spend a little more on getting everything custom made, you’ll be sure to get exactly what you want, rather than spending a little less and having to compromise on your vision.

Custom casework and design for hospitality industry

Custom front desk for Heritage Inn & Suites.

Customize your cabinets to fit the space

When you are designing a new space, whether it’s a kitchen, bath, office, or a whole home, you always want to think about how the space is going to be used. With every design choice, you want to make sure that it maximizes the efficiency of the space, as well as creates a beautiful aesthetic. When you have something custom made, you are sure that the pieces are going to fit like a glove and be designed to meet every function.

Custom cabinets and storage units

Custom cabinets and storage units to perfectly fit the space.
Photo: Heritage Inn & Suites

Make it personal

Even if you are having cabinets and shelving made for a commercial space, like a store or an office, you still want it to have a little character. You don’t just want the same shelving as every other shop in the area. Plus, a custom design will make a professional setting feel warm and homey. Mixing business with pleasure is a huge trend. It’s cool to blur the lines between work and life, and custom designed casework and cabinetry can make a professional setting feel like home. The space will become more inviting to passersby, attracting more customers to your business.

Custom casework for the hospitality industry

One industry that will greatly benefit from custom design is the hospitality industry. When guests arrive at your inn or hotel, you want them to feel like they are in their home away from home. Beautiful handcrafted furniture, architectural casework, and cabinets can help your guests feel comfortable, just like at home.

Custom interior design for the hospitality industry

We can custom design anything making it both functional and visually interesting.

Custom interior design in Kansas

Get the most out of your renovation and remodeling budget by getting handcrafted high-quality cabinets and casework specifically designed to fit each space. We can work with any space and custom manufacture storage spaces, shelving, furniture, countertops, and anything else you need to make the space functional and fabulous.

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