The main components of office kitchen design

Use durable materials that are easy to clean for your office kitchen.

Use durable materials that are easy to clean for your office kitchen.

There are four main components to designing an office kitchen. One, it has to be multi-functional. Two, you need plenty of storage space. Three, you have to consider durable and easy-to-clean materials. The fourth and final component is adding a touch of style and personality.

Designing a multi-functional office kitchen

When you are designing an office kitchen, you have to consider all the different uses that it needs to fulfill. You’re going to need to satisfy everyone, from the person who just needs to boil some water for a cup of afternoon tea to people chopping up fresh veggies for a salad to all the people waiting to use the toaster oven to heat various food items. Then, of course, there needs to be a full-service coffee station. No self-respecting office kitchen is complete without a coffee bar.

You also have to think about creating a space that feels comfortable and is conducive to socializing. Who doesn’t love a bit of office gossip over a cup of gourmet coffee and some company-provided snacks?

Custom cabinetry for smart storage

Speaking of snacks, when it comes to your cabinets, you have to think practically about your storage space. By customizing the cabinets, you can utilize the space efficiently, and you can design smart storage spaces to fit all the various needs of your employees. If you want to keep your office kitchen filled with delicious snacks and a morning fruit basket, make sure you have space to put it all so that it isn’t just cluttering up your countertops.

Custom office kitchen design in Kansas

Customize cabinetry for smart storage spaces that meet the needs of your office kitchen.

Durable, easy to maintain materials

Speaking of countertops, since there is going to be a lot of traffic in the kitchen, you have to make sure the materials you use are durable. Every working kitchen, whether in a private restaurant or an office, is going to take a beating. There may not be boiling pots and pans in an office kitchen, but there are going to be people cutting their bagels directly on the counter. And, there will be hot mugs, bowls of soup, as well as the usual kitchen spills. So, be sure to get countertops that are going to be able to withstand all the pressure of an office kitchen.

Functional and stylish

Once you’ve worked out all the practical and functional details of your office kitchen design, it’s time to add some personal touches, just for visual effect. Choose colors, design, and materials that match the style of the office for cohesion.

Custom kitchen cabinets for the office

We’ve custom designed and manufactured office kitchen cabinets and casework throughout Kansas. We’ll help you design a practical and stylish office kitchen to meet the needs of every employee.