In an effort to streamline the kitchen and make it more efficient and functional, the traditional kitchen is going modern. A modern kitchen will look for a clean design, especially in their cabinetry and casework.

Flat-front cabinets in Dodge City

Custom made flat-front kitchen cabinets for the modern kitchen.

Modern cabinet design

Homeowners are replacing the traditional raised panel cabinet door design with a more modern and sleek design. The flat-front or slab-panel cabinets are becoming more and more popular in home kitchen design.

Slab-panel or flat-front cabinets

If you still want your cabinet doors to have a bit of texture and dimension but love the sleek lines of a modern kitchen, then the flat-front cabinets are the choice for you. The border of the cabinet door is raised, but the center is recessed and “flat” for a clean look.

For those looking to bring a little bit of Scandinavia to their kitchen design, the slab-panel cabinets will give you the sophisticated minimalism found in Scandinavian design.

Create dimension with open shelving

Modern kitchen design trends

Add some open shelving to bring dimension to your modern kitchen.

In many modern kitchens, open shelving is replacing the upper cabinets. In small kitchens, open shelving can make the space feel more open and airy. Solid cabinetry can sometimes stifle the life out of a smaller kitchen.

Add a pop of color

Open shelving gives you the chance to display items that will add pops of color to your kitchen. The neutral or white kitchen still dominates, but we’re seeing a big trend towards breaking up the neutral with a big burst of strategically placed color. Just because the modern kitchen tends to be designed with clean lines and minimalism doesn’t mean that you can’t design a few surprises here and there. You don’t want your kitchen design to be flat or monotonous, and a pop of color can make for an interesting visual.

Custom design cabinets for the modern kitchen

Kitchens Inc. can build custom cabinets for the modern kitchen to perfectly match the space and your aesthetic. We have high standards for construction and a great eye for design. Let our team help you custom design kitchen cabinets and get the kitchen of your dreams.