Starting a renovation project often begins with getting a lot of inspiration from magazines, visiting showrooms to check out the latest trends and products, and getting swatches of color to find the perfect palette for your personal aesthetic. However, many don’t realize how much proportion plays a part in interior design. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the office, if you aren’t designing with the right proportions in mind, your whole space is going to be awkward and impractical.

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The right scale to proportion is important in interior design.
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What is the Golden Ratio?

We as humans tend to overthink things, but when it comes to finding the right proportion, we need only look to nature. In nature, you will find what is known as the “golden ratio” or the “golden number.” For interior designers, this number (1.618 or Phi) is the holy grail of design and has been used for centuries to help architects and designers determine the right scale and proportions for their design. In fact, it dates all the way back to the ancient Greeks.

The golden ratio helps you determine the right scale to proportion, making the home feel natural and comfortable. For reasons that are hard to explain, this golden ratio, which is found in art, music, nature, and architecture, has a calming and pleasing effect on humans. By using the golden ratio in your design, you will naturally create a space that feels comfortable to people as they enter the room or building.

Proportion creates balance and harmony

The golden ratio will help designers create balance and harmony in their design. Finding the right scale to proportion will help your interior design be both practical and visually interesting.

Customize your kitchen using the Golden Ratio

The right scale and proportion will make your home feel comfortable.

When you are trying on various design aesthetics and looking at products and furniture, your gut will almost always tell you if it is the right ratio of scale to proportion. Because you are naturally attuned to the golden ratio, you will be able to feel it instantly if the proportions are off.

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The golden ratio is a great guide to creating the perfect space, but you still need to make many design choices to create a fully functional and fabulous space.

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