Custom Cabinetry for the Whole House

Not everyone has the budget to remodel the entire home. For some, a home remodel is done in several stages. A few simple choices and changes can make a huge difference in the overall look, feel, and style of your home. Custom cabinetry for the whole house is one way to give your home an upgrade without having to redesign the entire home.

Kitchen cabinets in Dodge City

Start your remodel by getting custom cabinets and casework for the home.

Little changes make a big difference

We design and manufacture custom cabinetry and architectural casework for the whole house. We will look at your entire home, talk to you about the style you are going for, and help you custom design cabinets, storage units, and casework that will make your home cohesive, as well as give each room some individuality.

When you custom design something, we can make little style changes, or add personalized detail to each piece that we manufacture. Each piece will be custom designed with both function and style in mind so that you get pieces that serve a purpose, as well as look gorgeous.

Choosing to update the cabinetry throughout the home is a small change that can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of your home. Having something new and custom made in each room, even if everything else is the same, will also motivate you to start making little upgrades and design changes throughout. You don’t have to do it all at once.

Mix and match colors and materials

Custom casework in Dodge City

Matching custom cabinetry and casework throughout the home will make a big difference.

You want to maintain a flow throughout your home, and having custom cabinet makers create all of your cabinetry for your entire home can help you accomplish that cohesion. However, custom designing also means you can have a little fun, varying up the color scheme or the materials that you use from room to room. Our cabinet makers can help you make the right choices to make each piece useful and befitting of your personal style.

Personalizing the bedrooms

When you customize cabinetry, you can also make sure that the cabinets in each bedroom are personalized to fit the occupant of the room. When we design, we look at each project as a blank canvas, and we work with the client to design and manufacture quality cabinetry and casework that is built to last and with attention to detail.

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Kitchens Inc. has been helping homeowners design cabinetry and architectural casework for their entire home, making sure that you get quality, style, and personalized customer care. With our advanced machine technology, we can design and manufacture just about anything. If we can draw it, we can produce it!

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