Color and style are important when you are remodeling your kitchen or designing a brand new kitchen. However, don’t forget about a few practical details. Make smart choices so that you get the kitchen of your dreams with all the function and beauty that you and your kitchen deserve.

Custom kitchen design

Create enough space between counters and the island to move and open all drawers and cabinets.

Cooking and eating

If you want your kitchen to be a place where you both cook and eat at the same time, make sure you have comfortable seating. If you are making your island both a chopping station and a dinner table, make sure that people are able to sit comfortably around the island. That means being able to pull your chair in so that you can eat without bumping your knees on a solid wall or cabinet door on the kitchen island.

Design an overhang on your kitchen island so that everyone can sit comfortably and eat. You can even design an overhang that can be tucked away when you are not eating to create more room around the island. Anything is possible when you’re working with a custom cabinetry and casework designer.

Spacing and placement

You want to space your kitchen right so that you can have plenty of room to move about comfortably, as well as be able to open and close all cabinets, drawers, dishwashers, and the oven.

You also need to place certain items within reach of each other for efficiency. You don’t want to place your trash, compost bin, and sink far away from your prepping station. If you have to run halfway across the kitchen every time you need to throw something away, you’re going to get frustrated and start to resent your kitchen. You want your kitchen to have flow, and that means taking good care to place everything systematically and practically.

Designing your dream kitchen

Be sure to add an overhang on your kitchen island if you want people to sit comfortably.

Light up your kitchen

You may have already thought of the overhead lighting that you want in the kitchen, but once you hang cabinets and other items, you’ll find that you all of a sudden have dark corners that are blocking your ceiling lights. Talk to a designer about having under-cabinet lighting and even in-cabinet lighting so that you aren’t wielding a sharp knife in the dark.

Custom kitchen cabinetry and design in Dodge City

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