When you’re putting your home on the market, the challenge that most homeowners face is whether to renovate the home before you sell, or are you going to sell it as a fixer-upper? If you are in a hurry, renovating beforehand may help you sell the home more quickly, but you have to choose the right renovations that will give you a great return on investment (ROI.)

Custom kitchen cabinetry in Kansas

Stainless steel energy-saving appliances and a neutral color scheme will look great to potential buyers.

Renovating the kitchen

Giving your kitchen a makeover before putting the home on the market has a great ROI. The kitchen is the first place that potential buyers look, it is the heart of the home, and it’s one room where buyers want to feel at home and peace.

Upgrade your appliances

Energy-saving appliances and smart technology are very attractive to new buyers. When you renovate, you want to make the changes that are state-of-the-art and following popular trends so that potential buyers feel that the home is ready to be lived in, that they don’t need to take on a remodel project that will modernize the home, as well as make it beautiful.

Open floor plan

If you have the chance, the open floor plan is becoming more and more popular, as it allows you to feel like everything is connected. It allows buyers to envision themselves living in the home as they can take it all in, all at once.

Dodge City cabinetry and casework

The open floor plan is here to stay.
Photo Credit: Wood Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

Since you can see the whole home, you want to customize your casework and cabinetry to be cohesive throughout the home. Not everything has to match, but you do need to make it look stylistically pleasing.

Customize casework and cabinetry

The kitchen should be multifunctional. You should be able to entertain and cook and check your kid’s homework all at the same time. That also means that you have to make the kitchen phone, tablet, and laptop-friendly with plenty of charge stations, preferably strategically placed so you don’t have wires running over the cutting boards as you’re chopping veggies.

Customizing your kitchen to suit all of your needs will also make it much smarter, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. You can keep the design minimal, but smart and stylish.

Renovate your bathroom

The bathroom is the second most important room in the home when you are selling. An old bathroom can turn off potential buyers because it is too big a project to take on when all you want to do is move into your new home. The same style of custom cabinetry will be perfect for your bathroom, which, like the kitchen, needs to serve many functions.

Customizing the cabinets, shelving, and casework will help you utilize the space in the bathroom, and it can help you make the bathroom easier to clean by not having awkward spaces that can collect moisture and buildup.

Bathroom renovation in Dodge City

Renovating your bathroom can help you sell your home more quickly.

Quartz countertops

For both the kitchen and the bathroom, quartz countertops are becoming increasingly popular. Quartz is tough, durable, and perfect for rooms with a lot of moisture.

Custom home renovations in Dodge City

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