People can work from anywhere, but there is still a need for an office. However, if you’re looking to turn your office into something more than just a few cubicles on the 10th floor of a high-rise, think about renting an old storefront and turning it into your new office.

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Customize your office space with inlays and architectural casework.

Storefront offices

A storefront office is becoming more and more popular with the younger generation. There are some great benefits to having an office that is street level. It will put you right on the level with potential clients that walk by every day. Plus, your business becomes a part of the landscape of the town, not just a window in a really tall building. You can also make your office feel much more like home, like a casual space where you can do business, socialize, and make clients feel welcome. Also, you can’t beat the foot traffic of being street level.

Customizing your office

When you’re designing your office, you have to think about the type of environment that will make it a fun and creative place to work. However, you also have to make sure that it is efficient. Sure, it may be fun and quirky to have a bunch of colorful bean bag chairs in the waiting room, but there’s a very good chance that clients aren’t going to want to slump down. We all know how hard it is to get back up. Unless you are in the bean bag business, think about how you can create a sitting and waiting area that has the casual, fun feel of a bean bag, but will still allow you and your clients to sit down and get back up with ease.

Custom casework

Custom casework and cabinetry in Dodge City

With our craftsmanship and machinery, we can customize radiused reception desks and company logos.
Photo: Lewis Toyota Dodge City Renovation

The hardest clients to please are the millennials. They prefer that you come to them, or send them a message via social media. However, if you’re aiming to design an office space that looks cozy and trendy to passers-by – that may get you a few walk-in clients – think about making your office feel like a cool place to be. Customizing your casework, cabinets, front desk, etc. gives you total control of the theme of your office.

Custom casework and cabinetry will make your office feel like a coffee shop but still have all the amenities and the functionality of a working, productive office.

Quality custom casework in Dodge City or Manhattan, Kansas

Kitchens Inc. has the skills and the machine technology to custom build all of your casework and cabinetry for your office. We start each design project from scratch, ensuring quality and artistry that you won’t get from a mass producer.

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