It’s fun to play with color, texture, and materials when you’re designing a room in your home, but when it comes to the kitchen and the bathroom, the timeless trend of wood cabinets, neutrals colors, and efficient design are dominating the contemporary home.

Custom wood cabinets

Dodge City Cabinets and Casework

Customize your casework and cabinets to perfectly fit your kitchen appliances.

We can work with any material and customize cabinets for your kitchen and bath to suit every purpose. However, nothing beats the classic wooden cabinets.

Wood cabinets can come in every style and color, and with superior craftsmanship, they’ll last a lifetime. In the contemporary kitchen, keep the design minimal, the lines clean, and the colors neutral and natural.

We are a premium grade architectural workshop. Our advanced machine technology allows us to design and manufacture beautiful cabinets and casework, countertops, storage units, shelving, and islands. All of our work lives up to the standards and specifications set forth by the Architectural Woodworking Institute.

Comfort and efficiency

You want to feel comfortable in your home. By customizing your casework and cabinetry, you can design the perfect kitchen and bath that is made just for you and the purpose for which you intended.

Create an efficient design by taking into account all the modern necessities and technology that we need to incorporate into our kitchen and bath, as well as create custom storage space for all the traditional items we keep in our kitchen and bath.

Create smart spaces that are especially suited to fulfill a particular function or need. When you customize, you never have to compromise. It’s your home, it’s your lifestyle, and it’s your aesthetic.

Custom cabinets in Dodge City, Kansas

Neutral colors and minimalist design dominate the contemporary kitchen.

Besides being able to design cabinets that perfectly suits your kitchen and your style, our construction background gives us unique insight into the most efficient layouts of a kitchen and bath. We’ll make sure you plan enough space to move comfortably and safely in your kitchen and bath.

Kansas kitchen design showroom

Kitchens Inc. is an architectural casework shop in Dodge City, Kansas. We build custom casework and cabinetry for private residences, as well as commercial spaces. Our work can be seen in every industry – auto, educational, retail, agricultural, healthcare, and more. If we can draw it, we can produce it!