If you can’t remodel your entire kitchen from floor to ceiling, changing the cabinetry and painting the walls can take your kitchen from old and outdated to new and fresh. Getting new cabinets is the equivalent of getting a fantastic new cut and color. It can revitalize your entire look without having to spend a fortune changing everything about yourself. So, give your kitchen a whole new look with brand new custom cabinets.

Kitchen design trends

Keep your cabinets one color and then add a splash of drama with a contrasting kitchen island.

Keep your kitchen clean and light

Although the rustic country kitchen is still very popular among homeowners, many are choosing to go back to the classic clean white and neutral colors on the walls and even the cabinetry.

You don’t want to make your kitchen seem sterile, so stick to light earthy tones, greens, browns, and beiges to keep your kitchen warm without making it dark and gloomy.

Keep the wood natural

Keeping your custom cabinetry natural and light will maintain rustic charm with a hint of modern, with clean lines and minimalistic design.

Mix and match wood species

Instead of painting your walls to break up matching cabinets, think about mixing up the species of wood used for cabinets. Using reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly and will bring character to your kitchen. Reclaimed wood already comes with a history that can enrich your new kitchen.

You can also choose to have your lower cabinets in a different species of wood than your top cabinets to break up the color, add dimension, and put a modern twist on a contemporary kitchen, or choose to have the cabinet doors a different shade than the cabinet itself.

Dodge City cabinetry and casework

Play with colors, materials, and textures to give life and dimension to a new kitchen.
Photo Credit: Wood Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

Mix and match shapes, space, and materials

You can also break up the monotony of kitchen cabinets by adding various materials. Using glass doors on cabinets with the fancy china and glassware can make your kitchen feel more open, rather than having everything hidden behind solid doors. You can also choose to add shelving in places instead of cabinets. Playing with materials, shapes, and dimensions will bring life to your new kitchen.

Customize an island to be a statement piece

If you need a splash of color, something to make a bold statement in a clean and minimalistic kitchen, constructing a kitchen island to be a little more ornate, colorful, and intricate in design and detail can add a wow factor and a little punch of life to your kitchen.

Minimalistic, clean, and fun kitchen cabinets

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