Wood Mode Custom Cabinetry in Kansas

Traditional kitchen design.
Photo Credit: Wood Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

At Kitchens Inc., with our years of experience in the construction and custom cabinetry industry, we take American craftsmanship and quality construction to custom create cabinetry and architectural casework for private and commercial clients.

Custom Kitchen Style choices


The traditional kitchen is different from coast to coast and all the states in between. So, traditional could mean a variety of styles, taking inspiration from any time in history. However, we always add our modern day knowledge and technology to make the traditional kitchen practical and efficient in every way, both environmentally and as far as being a kitchen in which you can work and entertain comfortably.

Wood Mode custom cabinets in Dodge City

Transitional/contemporary kitchen design.
Photo Credit: Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

The traditional kitchen will be a blend of old and new, paying homage to the history of classic kitchen design, but adding modern design elements. Handcraftsmanship and custom design can create classic cabinetry that includes personalized storage space for you kitchen tools, utensils, and appliances.


Scandinavian inspired with clean lines and minimal details.

Modern, contemporary kitchen designs will feature a mix of surface textures and a blend of colors. A few eye-catching elements may be incorporated, like a colorful kitchen island or glass door cabinetry that will feature fine china and statement pieces. However, the transitional, contemporary kitchen will feature soft, muted colors, earth-inspired tones, and minimalistic design.

By incorporating style and design elements from the kitchen and using them throughout the home you will create a design that transitions smoothly from room to room.

Custom kitchen cabinetry in any style

European inspired kitchen design.


When we’re designing cabinetry for a European style kitchen, we’re going for a look that will make your kitchen look like it was time warped from a British manor or a French estate from a century ago. European kitchen design will be rich with handcrafted details in the carvings and moldings, giving it an air of old money and royalty. However, all the exquisite handcraftsmanship, old school beauty, and charm won’t get in the way of practicality, functionality, and efficiency.

Custom cabinetry and architectural casework

Kitchens Inc. is a premium grade architectural casework shop located in Dodge City, Kansas. We produce premium grade casework and cabinetry as specified by the Architectural Woodworking Institute. Our advanced machine technology allows us to manufacture a wide range of products for private or commercial spaces. If we can draw it, we can produce it.