Sustainable kitchen cabinets

FSC-certified wood ensures responsible forestry practices.

Eco-friendly cabinets aren’t just to protect our planet; they can also reduce toxins in the air, making your home healthier for those that live there. What’s good for the planet is also good for you and your family. If you’re in the market for new cabinets and casework for your kitchen or any room in your home, here are some ways you can make them healthier and more sustainable.

Wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Natural custom wood cabinets are your most eco-friendly cabinet material. You may think to go for a wood-substitute, thinking it’s more environmentally friendly, but if you are using wood that is FSC-certified, you know that for each tree that is felled and used for lumber, new trees are planted, always replenishing our forests and keeping the planet green. Making sure that the materials you use come from responsibly harvested forests is your first step to sustainable cabinets.

Reclaimed and salvaged wood cabinets

Besides FSC-certified wood, an even better option for maximum environmental responsibility is to use reclaimed or salvaged wood to build new cabinets. Using products that have already been resourced will greatly cut back on your carbon footprint.

Carcinogen-free cabinets

Your cabinet doors may be made of solid wood, but many times, the interior boxes of your cabinets are made of plywood or fiberboard that often have binders that can be toxic. Formaldehyde binders and glues are carcinogenic and release toxic fumes into your home and the environment. Talk to your cabinet makers about using a renewable resource, including agricultural by-products and FSC-certified plywood or bamboo plywood.

Healthier kitchen cabients

Using a water-based finish is environmentally responsible and will improve indoor air quality.

Eco-friendly finishes for your cabinets

The finish on your cabinets can also emit chemical fumes from volatile organic compounds (VOC.) Choose water-based finishes to improve your indoor air quality or use finishes with low chemical emissions.

Consult with a custom casework maker

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