Designing cabinetry for the whole house

An open floor home means you have to design for the whole house, not just from room to room.

Most homeowners don’t have time to do a complete remodel of their home in one fell swoop. Remodeling projects are spread out over time, which means that homeowners sometimes end up having a home that is disjointed and stylistically muddled. Trends change with the seasons, so if you’re always remodeling with the latest trends, your home will be like a showroom featuring inspiration for every style, and not cohesive, cozy, and visually pleasing home.

Matching the style from room to room

One of the more popular trends in home design is the wide open floor plan. Homeowners are tearing down those walls, creating an open layout floor plan, allowing for one room to flow into another. An open floor plan signals unity, inclusion, and togetherness. An open floor plan will bring a family together, even when the family is spread throughout the home.

Aesthetically and design wise, an open floor plan means that your home design needs to take the whole of the home into consideration, as the colors and design choices you make in the kitchen, will reflect on the adjoining dining rooms all the way to the front entrance. When you design for an open floor plan, you design from the back door to the front door, ensuring that the style you choose for your kitchen will compliment the style in all other room, allowing your home to blend seamlessly from room to room.

Separate rooms with colors, not style

Being able to see the kitchen cabinetry from the living room makes you take into consideration the relationship between the style of your cabinetry, with the moldings, trims, surfaces, furniture, and cupboard in the rest of your home. Having a consistent thread throughout the home will give you more leeway to experiment with colors and textures to break up each room. Of course, you always want to make sure that each choice will compliment the next, because, with an open house, everything can be seen, and it all needs to come together as a whole, not just as a bunch of individual rooms.

Handcrafted cabinetry in Kansas

Match small handcrafted custom details throughout the home to bring it all together.

You want each room to have its own personality and style, but you want it to flow with the aesthetic and style of the surrounding rooms.

Custom cabinetry and casework in Kansas

Working with a custom cabinetry and countertop manufacturer will ensure that you can always get cabinetry and casework that matches the rest of your home. Custom work means that you aren’t bound by the availability of the semi-custom cabinetry. Custom cabinetry and casework means you get exactly what you want in the style that you want. And, custom cabinetry ensures that each piece is put together and fitted by hand, specifically for you and your home.

Kitchens Inc. is a premium grade architectural casework shop located in Dodge City, Kansas. We produce premium grade casework as specified by the Architectural Woodworking Institute. Our advanced machine technology allows us to manufacture a wide range of products for the whole house.

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