Making environmentally sound choices when you are designing your home is fast becoming one of the biggest trends. As custom cabinet makers, we’re already one step ahead of the game. Buying local and custom crafted cabinets will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your kitchen cabinets and make you feel even better about your new kitchen.

Kansas custom cabinetry

Reduce your carbon footprint and buy custom cabinets from a local manufacturer.

Buy local and reduce your carbon footprint

The manufacturing process of kitchen cabinets is tough on the environment. Transportation is a big factor in building up the carbon footprint. By choosing a local cabinet maker, you are greatly reducing the transportation needs, and in turn, reducing the carbon footprint of your kitchen cabinets.

Buy custom cabinets and reduce your carbon footprint

When you buy custom cabinets, you buy a product that is being made specifically for you, which means that your product doesn’t have to be transported back and forth to a storage facility or warehouse until it is sold. Custom cabinetry will go straight from our workshop to your house, eliminating several stops along the way and greatly reducing our CO2 emissions.

Buy quality cabinets and reduce your carbon footprint

Custom cabinets from our Kansas cabinet makers will ensure a high-quality product. When you buy custom cabinets from us, you get quality craftsmanship and long-lasting cabinets. The longer your cabinets stay solid and beautiful, the less frequently they’ll need to be replaced. Durability is a huge part of a product being eco-friendly. Reducing the times between needing to replace your cabinets will minimize manufacturing and transportation and sourcing for new materials.

Eco-friendly kitchen cabinets

Custom built cabinetry will last longer, reducing your carbon footprint.

Quality kitchen cabinet makers in Dodge City, Kansas

If you’re in the Dodge City or Manhattan, Kansas, area, then look to Kitchens Inc. to custom design eco-friendly kitchen cabinetry for your home or office. Our attention to detail and superior craftsmanship will give you beautiful, long-lasting kitchen cabinets that both you and the planet can feel good about.

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