When you are designing a home, the kitchen is a great place to start. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is often where friends and family will gather, talk over the day, cook family meals together, do homework, or just hang out. Make your kitchen reflect you and your family, and don’t spend so much time worrying about the latest trend of the season.

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Customize your kitchen so that it represents you and your family.

Customize your kitchen to reflect your personal style

Trends change all the time. By the time you’ve implemented the latest trend, design experts have moved on to the next trend. The only way you can be ahead of the trend is to be the trendsetter, and the only trend that should matter to you is your own personal style and the style of your family. Of course, we can help you turn your style into a functional kitchen, but by customizing the cabinetry and countertops, we can make everything feel uniquely YOU.

Kitchen trends of the day

If you spend too much time doing research on the latest kitchen trends, you’ll find that everyone is looking to incorporate grays, blues, and other muted color tones to their kitchen. Others are opting to return to the rustic kitchen with classic wooden cabinets and a solid wood countertop. Then, there are the funky trendsetters that are mixing and matching textures and putting in a few bold colors for a dramatic effect.

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There is a trend towards cabinets that go from floor to ceiling, not wasting any space, and there are those that want to customize their cabinets to match furniture or trim around the home.

Custom kitchen cabinetry and countertops

Looking through the magazines or watching some design shows are great for inspiration, but don’t ever get stuck on following a trend, because a new trend is right around the corner. Designing a kitchen is all about you and your family and how your lifestyles and personalities can be reflected to design the perfect kitchen. The only trend that will never go out of style is YOUR personal style.

We begin every kitchen design with a clean slate. We will take all of your ideas for the perfect kitchen, and use our design and construction skills to turn your vision into a reality. We’ll make sure that all of your style suggestions don’t get in the way of a fully functional and efficiently designed kitchen.

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We help clients custom design their kitchen and turn their vision into reality.

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We want you to feel comfortable in your own home, and especially in your kitchen. If you’re looking to remodel or design a new kitchen, talk to Kitchens Inc. in Dodge City, Kansas, and Manhattan, Kansas.