When you’re remodeling a whole kitchen, it can be hard to figure out exactly where to start. You want the whole kitchen to be cohesive, but you also want to infuse some of your personality, as well as think about practicality. At Kitchens Inc., we start every kitchen remodel project with a blank slate, whether it’s for a large commercial project or a residential kitchen. We know you’re going to do some research to see the latest in kitchen design trends and what materials are available on the market, so let’s try to get your design project organized so we can begin to turn your fantasy kitchen into a reality.

Custom kitchen cabinetry and countertops in Kansas

Begin by choosing your countertops, then custom design complementary cabinetry.

Start with the largest surface in the kitchen

Kitchen remodel in Kansas

Custom design kitchen cabinetry to complement your countertops and create functional storage.

Before we get to the kitchen cabinets, we recommend you begin by checking out the types of countertops that suit your style and aesthetic. The countertops are the largest surface in your kitchen, so it’s a good idea to choose your countertops and then build your kitchen design from there.

You can choose countertops like quartz, granite, wood, or stainless steel. Both quartz and granite are solid surfaces that are resistant to the tough working environment of a kitchen. Whatever countertop you choose, today’s trends are leaning towards the lighter and brighter surfaces to help reflect light and bring your kitchen to life.

Kitchen cabinetry should be simple and natural

The cabinets are going to take up a lot of room in the kitchen, so you want to make sure they aren’t too distracting in texture, color, and design. Work off of the color palette you have chosen for the countertops and find something complimentary, or you can make a bold statement and have contrasting cabinetry. However, don’t overdesign, making your kitchen too busy. Too many contrasting colors, materials, and textures can be too stressful, and you want your kitchen to be a place where everyone gathers – the heart of the home.

Custom kitchen design in Kansas

At Kitchens Inc., we can design your entire kitchen from start to finish, helping you pull together countertops and cabinets to create a kitchen that is bright, warm, welcoming, fun, and full of life and personality. If we can draw it, we can build it, turning your kitchen dreams into a reality.