When you’re designing an office space, you need to create a space that is inviting, productive, comfortable, and bright. Kitchens Inc. has created many commercial office spaces for our Kansas clients. Our custom line of cabinetry allows us to be flexible and innovative with our design, creating a space that is truly a reflection of your company culture.

Kansas office design

Design an office that will make your employees look forward to coming to work.

Capture your company culture

You want your employees to feel good when they come into work, and your office design is a big factor. The design and layout of your office can create a dynamic space for employees to realize their full potential, maximize efficiency, and ultimately increase profits.

Customize your cabinetry

Instead of the dark wood cabinets, give your office a facelift with colored cabinets in shades of gray. Gray can be soft and dynamic, and it goes with just about everything. Gray is contemporary, and it feels expensive without showing off.

We can customize cabinetry for all offices, maximizing the space, helping to create an atmosphere that encourages creativity and efficiency.

Matte colors for your office

Lately, we’re seeing a trend towards matte colors. Too much gloss can reflect too much light, whereas a matte finish will blend the light, avoiding a glare.

Matte colors will also create a smooth and soft feel in the office, helping to create a relaxed and easy atmosphere.

Hide oil and dirt

Custom cabinetry for your Kansas office

Shades of gray and matte finishes are hot for contemporary and sleek new office spaces.

Perhaps the best aspect of matte colors is their ability to hide oily smudges and fingerprints. In a busy office, you get a lot of hands everywhere touching everything. Matte colors won’t replace your cleaning service, but if you have a lot of foot traffic, you can minimize how much we notice the grime. Matte colors also hide tiny scratches and imperfections that may come from heavy use over time.

Customize your Kansas office space

We start every renovation, remodel, and new construction project from scratch, customizing each piece to fit our client. If you want your office to reflect your corporate culture and be an inviting space for your employees to thrive, stop by our design showrooms in Dodge City, Kansas or Manhattan, Kansas.