Eliminate the stress of slamming doors and drawers

Soft close kitchen cabinet doors

Get soft close kitchen cabinet doors and drawers when you customize your cabinetry.

When you’re busy in the kitchen, you’re not always careful when you’re opening cabinet doors and drawers. To the rest of the house, it sounds like someone is angrily rummaging through the whole kitchen. Noisy doors and drawers will ruin the zen in your home. That is why we always offer our clients the option for soft close cabinet doors and drawers. Add a little peace and quiet to your dream kitchen.

Slamming doors and drawers reduce the life of your cabinetry

Besides being loud and irritating, slamming cabinet doors and drawers will add premature wear and tear to your new cabinetry. If you’ve just spent a pretty penny on remodeling your Kansas kitchen, customizing everything to fit just so, you don’t want to scratch and wear out your cabinets too soon. Even when we are ultra careful, doors and drawers tend to get manhandled as we’re maneuvering our way around the kitchen.

When we’ve got a few things boiling, baking, and sauteing, we don’t always have the luxury of gently closing a drawer. A quick hip check will suffice, and that sometimes results in pushing too hard, slamming the drawer shut. When we have a hot pan in both hands, we use our elbows or feet to kick or jab the cabinet door shut.

Hips, elbows, and feet are commonly used to closing doors and drawers, but it’s not the most cabinet-friendly way of doing it, and it sends that loud “BANG” ricocheting through the house.

Soft close door and drawer dampers

Custom kitchen design in Kansas

Add the soft close option to your kitchen cabinetry and never hear the sound of another slamming door or drawer.

With our “soft close” option, it is impossible to slam your kitchen doors and drawers. Soft close doors and soft close drawers are just one more trick of the trade to turn your kitchen dreams into a reality. Check out our cabinetry vendors for quality cabinetry made right here in the USA, or talk to our professional designers about customizing your kitchen cabinets.

When you’ve chosen the right cabinet for your kitchen, adding the soft close option for extra calm won’t break the bank.