There’s more to your kitchen than countertops and cabinets. When you are remodeling, upgrading, or designing a new kitchen, it’s going to be the small, subtle design details that make your whole kitchen come together. It’s not all about what your kitchen looks like on the outside; today’s kitchen designers are just as focused on what is on the “inside!”

Functional kitchen design in Kansas

Add functional and creative storage space in your custom designed kitchen.

Make your functional kitchen inside out

There’s no doubt that beautiful handcrafted cabinets and countertops are a major wow factor in a new kitchen, but when you are the owner of that kitchen, you’re going to want more from your kitchen than the latest color and cabinet trend. You’re going to want your kitchen to be functional.

Functional accessories are the hottest kitchen trend

Wall-to-wall cabinetry can make a kitchen feel claustrophobic, but you need space to put all of your kitchen ware and appliances. Kitchen designers are getting creative with their storage space design, utilizing every inch of space in your kitchen to make it as open and as functional as possible.

Storage space in an open space kitchen

If you are lucky enough to have an open space kitchen, the one thing you’re going to be missing is walls to hang cabinets and shelves for storage. Your kitchen design professional can take the whole space into account when designing your kitchen, giving you options for free-floating shelves or alternative storage areas.

The space above the refrigerator, as well as your sink, can become multi-functional with the right design. Because of our construction background, we can tell you exactly what can and can’t be done when we are designing your kitchen. We can help you utilize the space, come up with creative storage solutions, and add functional accessories to the kitchen design.

Custom kitchen design in Kansas

This slide-out drawer with the Kitchen Aid is the perfect example of creative and functional storage.

There are also ways to hide extra cutting boards, making them a part of the kitchen design, not just an afterthought. We can design the inside of your cabinets to house certain kitchen items, like a Kitchen Aid, or trash and recycle bins.

We can custom design a hidden spice rack, clearing up much-needed counter space. We can look at areas of the kitchen, like your kitchen sink, and see if there are multiple purposes for some areas. When your kitchen sink isn’t being used as a sink, it could be covered to make extra counter space.

Kitchen design professionals in Kansas

We know that what’s on the inside of your kitchen cabinets is as important as how it all looks on the outside. We’ll give you custom cabinetry, countertops, and creative and functional storage space for all of your kitchen accessories, utensils, and appliances.

Visit our kitchen design showroom in Dodge City or Manhattan, Kansas, and check out the possibilities for your new kitchen.