The kitchen is the most popular room in the house. This means a lot of wear and tear on your cabinets. If you’re looking to remodel your old kitchen and give it an upgrade, our custom cabinetry and custom casework professionals can help you decide on the best style of cabinet to bring both function and personality to your kitchen.

Choosing the right cabinetry for your residential kitchen

Custom kitchen design in Kansas

Think about what is going inside your cabinets and drawers when you custom design your kitchen cabinetry.

For a kitchen to be functional and comfortable for the cook and the entire family, plus a few friends, you need space. At Kitchens Inc., every project begins with a visit to the location. Once we know how much space we have to work with, we can help guide you towards the best types of cabinetry to give you the storage space and beautifully crafted cabinets that every kitchen deserves.

Customize the inside of your kitchen cabinets and drawers

Of course, you will want to consider the style and color of the cabinet doors, but you also want to talk about what needs to go inside the cabinets, as well as inside the drawers. When you custom design cabinetry, you can also custom design the interior of the cabinet, making sure that each shelf is built to fit specific items.

The more you can get off of the counter and behind cabinet doors and inside the drawers, the more space, lights, and freedom you will have to cook and entertain in your kitchen.

Customize the kitchen island

The kitchen island is not just a large block of wood in the center of the kitchen. It used to be just a large, glorified cutting board, but today, the kitchen island is a statement piece in your kitchen. It serves many purposes, including prepping food, but a kitchen island can also serve as a seating area for family and guests, as well as extra storage space.

Custom kitchen casework in Kansas

Your kitchen island is much more than just a big cutting board. Design your kitchen with function in mind, and allow room for storage so that your countertops can remain clutter-free.

Designing drawers and cabinets in your kitchen island is another way to get things off the counters and into their own custom designed storage space. Of course, if you’re going to have bar stools around the island so people can sit, you can’t also design cabinets. You’ll get really tired of having to move stools around to get to the cabinets in the island.

Remember to always consider function and practicality when you are designing your kitchen.

Custom cabinets and casework in Kansas

Kitchens Inc. has a background in design and construction. Once we have surveyed the site, we will be able to tell you what can be done, as well as what can’t be done. Our attention to detail sets us apart from the competition. We will work with you to custom design cabinetry for your dream kitchen. We also work with cabinet manufacturers that produce quality cabinets right here in Kansas, USA. Whether we custom design your kitchen cabinetry or you choose a style from one of our vendors, you can be sure that we will see your project through from idea to installation.

No project is done until the customer is completely satisfied.

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