When you are designing a kitchen, think about how you can break up the monotony of wall-to-wall cabinetry. There are a few design tricks that can be used to bring life into your kitchen. At Kitchens Inc., our advanced machinery and construction background allows us to custom design any kitchen cabinetry or kitchen casework to create your dream kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets in Kansas

Use glass doors for your floor-to-ceiling cabinets to give the illusion of more space in your kitchen. It also helps create more light.

Glass front custom cabinets

There is a lot of stuff in a kitchen. Most of it is hidden behind solid wood cabinet doors, but wall-to-wall cabinets can be a bit claustrophobic, and make your kitchen feel stuffy and small. Even if you choose a bright, lively color, you’re still taking up a lot of space with your cabinetry.

Break up the cabinets by adding a few open shelves to display the fine china or quirky, colorful, items that can bring personality to your kitchen.

Besides shelving, talk to our casework designers about kitchen cabinets with a glass door so that you can see what is inside the cabinet. Yes, it means you are going to be selective about what you put behind the glass door because it’s going to be visible, but glass doors is a clever way to open up your kitchen.

Glass will also help reflect more light, giving your kitchen a fresh, modern feeling.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

If you are going for the floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, it is especially important to play with textures and materials so that you don’t just get one single color from floor to ceiling.

Play with materials, colors, shapes, and levels to make your kitchen interesting and architectural. You don’t want your kitchen to be too busy, but a few bold colors or a unique countertop can give your kitchen that extra pop that will wow all of your friends and neighbors.

Custom kitchen cabinets in Kansas

Play with color, texture, and materials to give your kitchen a pop of color and energy.

Make sure cabinets aren’t blocking natural light sources, but use materials that will enhance natural light.

To show or not to show appliances

As beautiful and smart as our kitchen appliances are, too many appliances can give the impression of clutter. If you have a small kitchen, think about hiding the refrigerator, toaster oven, or microwave behind custom casework. Hiding away appliances will keep your kitchen design cohesive.

Custom casework in Kansas

If you can dream it, and we can draw it, then we can produce it! With a background in construction and architectural casework, we have the qualifications to help you design a kitchen that is both functional and on trend.

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