Avoiding common kitchen design mistakes

There’s nothing worse than a cramped kitchen. However, many people make design mistakes when remodeling a kitchen or designing a new kitchen. You are so busy thinking about how much counter space you need and the types of cabinetry that speak to your personality that you sometimes forget to think about space. Don’t get caught butt to butt with Aunt Fanny in your poorly designed kitchen.

Kansas kitchen remodel

Due to our construction experience, we’ll help you lay out your dream kitchen, allowing for enough space between the stove, the fridge, and the sink.

Designing enough space in your kitchen

No space is the same, and no customer is the same. Designing a home with personality and style is an individual process. We always start all of our projects with a free in-home design consultation to get an accurate reading of the space for which we are designing. The size of your kitchen will have an impact on the products you choose.

When you are designing a kitchen, size matters. We’ve been in the design industry for a while, so we’ve learned a thing or two about how to design and plan a kitchen. For instance, did you know that there should be 27 linear feet between your fridge, your stove, and your kitchen sink? You may think that counter space and cabinetry are the most important aspects of designing a kitchen, but trust us when we say that planning enough space around your kitchen for you to move comfortably is more important that squeezing in a giant kitchen island.

The kitchen is the hub of the home

Designing enough space to cook in the kitchen without banging up against corners or other people popping in and out is something that many will overlook. The kitchen is the most utilized room in any home, and you want your kitchen to be inviting and open to accommodate people gathering, because people will gather in the kitchen – it’s inevitable. The kitchen has some sort of gravitational pull, so make sure you incorporate enough free space to fit in a few extra cooks in your kitchen.

Custom kitchen remodel in Kansas

We custom design and manufacture casework and furniture to allow for enough space to move about comfortably.

A kitchen should be functional, above all. You need space to move about, and you need space to be able to open the oven, the fridge, and drawers and doors. After all, what’s the point of custom designing cabinetry if you can’t open them?

We have full time experienced designers ready to make your dream kitchen a reality, incorporating enough space and personal style to give you function, as well as a little personality and flair.

Kitchen design professionals in Kansas

Meet with one of our kitchen design professionals and get a free quote on your dream kitchen. Enjoy more spacious family time in your professionally designed and installed kitchen by Kitchens Inc.