In our last post, we covered some basics for designing a reception area and waiting room. In this post, we focus specifically on the reception desk. This is the focal point of your waiting or reception area and choosing the right shape is critical to making the space feel calming and warm.

The purpose of a reception desk

Your reception desk serves multiple purposes. Not only must it be aesthetically pleasing, but the design needs to also be functional for your employees. The shape and design are important for bringing balance to the room and adding to the overall ambiance.

Custom reception desk

Custom design the shape and size of your reception desk to fit the space.

Size of the reception desk

Customize the size of your reception desk to fit the room. It should obviously be designed so as to be in proportion to the rest of the room. Again, your space should have some breathing room.

Straight reception desk

A straight reception desk is a good choice when you need to have multiple people working at it at one time. You’ll notice that this style of desk is popular in the hospitality industry. With a straight reception desk you can break it up into multiple stations and customize each station to the appropriate tasks.

Choosing Shape of Reception Desk

A straight reception desk is great for the hospitality industry.


Corner reception desk

If you have a smaller practice, only need one receptionist, or just have minimal space a corner reception desk will maximize the space. A corner placement will help open up the room. Just be sure to customize the size to suit your room and keep in feeling comfortable.

U shaped reception desk

Make a statement with a U-shaped desk, but only if you have the space! Consider adding inlays to personalize your desk. And of course build in custom storage where you need it.

Customize the shape of your reception desk

Custom reception desks

Customize the reception desk to be the right shape and size for the room.

While one of these classic shapes may fit your space, we encourage you to customize your reception desk shape for a perfect fit in your office. At Kitchens Inc., we always start our custom projects by looking at the room. Once we know what type of space we’re working with, we work with you to combine function and fashion. We custom design a reception desk that is perfect for your needs. And, with custom design, you can make your reception desk give off the right impression and energy to make your clients feel at home.

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