Visiting a healthcare professional can be difficult for patients. Sterile and often cold environments can add anxiety to even a routine checkup. So designing a waiting room and reception area that will help patients feel calm and relaxed is important.

Custom casework for waiting room

Custom design storage and cabinets to suit all your needs.

Enhance patient experience with custom design

Begin your design by identifying and planning for your office’s practical needs. Make sure your cabinetry and furniture  are custom-designed to fulfill all of those practical needs. Then work on the waiting room design. This design should be warm, but neutral so as to help ease patient anxiety and promote calm.

Entrance and reception desk

Make sure you’re giving your patients plenty of space in the waiting room. They may wish to have a bit of privacy so this area should be big and open with plenty of room to avoid feeling cramped.

Custom reception desk

Make the reception desk open and friendly, giving your patience space and privacy.

Hidden storage units

Design your reception desk with custom storage that is specific to your needs. These custom storage units can be hidden behind a beautiful, elegant facade, making the room feel simple and clean. Custom storage also helps keep your waiting room clutter-free and this is key to keeping it patient friendly.


We already mentioned the importance of privacy in your waiting room. One way to provide that is in how you set up your seating. You’ll want to have plenty of seating, but break it up so that families can sit together. This will go a long way toward making your patients feel comfortable. Provide seating that is comfortable and vary the types of seats to accommodate different needs.

Designing a waiting room

Use a mixture of natural light, recessed lighting and task lighting to create the right atmosphere.

Natural light

As with any space you design, natural light is key. The more of it, the better. Utilize warm and neutral tones as well as recessed lights to maximize the comfort and strike the right mood for the room.

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