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Wood-Mode has been widely recognized for excellence in cabinet design, material selection, construction, and finishes. Much of the credit is due to the many hand steps executed with pride by our dedicated craftspeople, using only the finest materials, woodworking skills, and the most advanced technology.

Custom kitchen cabinets in Kasas
Custom kitchen cabinetry in any style
Wood Mode custom cabinets in Dodge City

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Residential kitchen design in Kansas
Dodge City cabinetry and casework
Kitchen cabinets in Dodge City
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Custom kitchen casework in Kansas



Crestwood, Inc. is a manufacturer of fine quality custom cabinetry and related wood products. They manufacture everything from custom kitchen cabinets, custom molding, and countertops.

Mid Continent Cabinetry


Mid Continent has more than 600 door style and finish combinations, nearly 1100 cabinet types and sizes and over 400 decorative and storage accessories to choose from.

Custom kitchen cabinets in Kansas

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